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Original Bob Sled 6mm-15 Match | 224 Valkyrie | 6.8 SPC | Single Shot Conversion Magazine
6mm-15 Bob Sled

Original Bob Sled 6mm-15 Match | 224 Valkyrie | 6.8 SPC | Single Shot Conversion Magazine

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Original Bob Sled 6mm-15 Match Single Shot Conversion Mag
- The 6mm-15 Bob Sled fits AR-15 pattern rifles that are chambered in the wide body cartridges such as the 6.8 SPC, 224 Valkyrie, 22 Nosler, 6mmAR, 6 PPC, .224AR, 6mmAR Turbo, and 6.5 Grendel cartridges.  It provides a single shot loading bed or follower to allow the easy loading and firing of single rounds during competition, benchrest , or varmint shooting. Made from durable, long lasting Delrin® to ensure a lifetime of use, the 6mm-15 Bob Sled simply replaces your magazine to allow easy loading of single rounds. The 6mm-15 Match Sled is the same size as a standard 10 round magazine and meets the Match Rifle rules for High Power Rifle Competition. It also works well when load developing or shooting off the bench. 
- Here's How It Works - The Original Bob Sled (OBS) is inserted instead of a magazine. When the bolt is opened, the built-in plunger trips the bolt catch and holds the bolt open. A single round is then placed in the ejection port and allowed to rest in the channel of the OBS. The bolt release button is pressed and the single round is loaded. When that round is fired, the action cycles normally and the OBS plunger trips the bolt catch lever to hold the bolt open. This provides a very smooth operation for the slow fire that is required during High Power Rifle Competition, Benchrest Competition, load development, and varmint or long range shooting where the length of the bullet may exceed maximum magazine length. (See Our Trigger Finger AR15 Bolt Release... It goes great with the OBS).

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