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Muzzle Loader Forend Hardware
Muzzle Loader Forend Hardware

Muzzle Loader Forend Hardware

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Encore Muzzle Loader Forend Hardware
For Factory Walnut and EABCO Laminate Muzzleloader Forends 

  All the hardware needed to attach the Encore Laminate or Factory Walnut Muzzle Loader forend. Includes the leaf spring rod retainer with screw, and two (2) forend screws with washers.
  Most customers (with the Encore ML) use the hardware from their existing muzzleloader forend. So, to keep the cost of our laminated hardwood forends for muzzle loaders as low as possible, we sell the muzzleloader forend hardware separately. If you already have it from your original Encore muzzleloader forend, you won't need to buy this.  If you have a Pro Hunter muzzleloader, you will need the hardware, as your original screws are too long. 
*Please Note that the screws included in this kit will NOT work with the Pro Hunter Flex Tech Muzzle Loader forends, just Laminates and Factory Walnut forends.

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