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Magnet Gun Caddy
Magnet Gun Caddy

Magnet Gun Caddy

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On sale: $15.95 $12.76
Part Number: 038-001
Availability: IN STOCK
  The Magnet Gun Caddy is a magnetic gun holder or gun rack that holds fast to any steel surface... Like the side of your vehicle. It provides a way to lean your rifle or shotgun (unloaded) against your truck without it slipping and falling. Your gun barrel slips into the soft foam holder and the magnet gently holds it against your vehicle. Rifles with scopes hold side ways muzzle up. Shotguns hold as pictured above muzzle up.
  Keep One in Your Glove Compartment! And when you're gearing up next to your vehicle, you'll always have a secure place to lean your rifle or shotgun.

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