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Limbsaver Rifle Barrel De-Resonator (Large)
Limbsaver Rifle Barrel De-Resonator (Large)

Limbsaver Rifle Barrel De-Resonator (Large)

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Limbsaver Sharpshooter Rifle Barrel De-Resonator (Large)
Large Size fits 7/8 - 1⅛ inch barrel diameter. Also Available in Small Size.
   The Limbsaver De-Resonator is a donut shaped vibration dampener made of Limbsaver material. It slides onto your rifle barrel to de-resonate barrel vibrations and improve accuracy. Start with it an inch or so in front of your forend and test fire for groups. Move it forward and keep test firing to find the sweet spot that dampens vibrations best and gives you the best accuracy.
  We have custom and slip-on recoil pads... See our Limbsaver Page.

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