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Lee Collet Neck Sizing Dies
Lee Collet Neck Sizing Dies

Lee Collet Neck Sizing Dies

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Lee Precision Reloading Collet Neck Sizing Dies
This die sizes only the neck of your rifle cases. The reason for using it is that after firing, your brass is custom fire-formed to your chamber. By sizing only the neck with the Lee Collet die, your reloaded ammo is custom fit to your gun. NOTE: Neck sizing is an advanced skill reloading process that can be difficult for some people to master and is not suitable for some guns... fit and function is tricky when ammo fits this closely... works best for bolt actions. We have the Collet Neck Die included with Deluxe Die Sets or available seperately. Select from the cartridges above.  See our Lee Precision Web Page for more information.

Available in... 223 Rem, 22/250, 243 Win, 270 Win, 308 Win, 30/06, 300 Win Mag,

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