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LED Flashlight Laser Sight
LED Flashlight Laser Sight

LED Flashlight Laser Sight

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This combination Flashlight and Laser Sight lets you see AND TARGET what your gun is aiming at in the dark. Mount it on the under rail of your pistol for home defense. Mount it on any Weaver/Picatinny rail/base for hunting, pest control, or home defense. The 150 Yard LED Flashlight Laser Sight lets you see and identify targets in the dark of night with a nice, bright LED Flashlight aimed where your gun is pointing. But it also projects a laser dot onto the target... That's right where your bullet will hit when you shoot. You Almost Can't Miss...
Operating Modes - The basic on/off switch can be switched on and left on like a flashlight. Or, you can use the remote pressure switch cable (included) to turn it on with a light squeeze on your gunstock or handgun grip. A second switch lets you operate in flashlight only, laser only, or flashlight and laser together.
Mounting Options - The LED Flashlight Laser has a built-in Weaver/Picatinny clamp. If your handgun has a rail under the barrel, the unit will mount there. Or, it will mount anywhere else you have a Weaver/Picatinny rail. It also comes with hardware to mount on a riflescope (fits 1" and 30mm tubes).
Home Defense - The LED Flashlight Laser Sight turns your home defense gun into a flashlight and the laser sight eliminates the problem of aiming over iron sights in the dark. The laser dot is fast, accurate, and frees up your eyes for taking in the big picture. Here's everything that you get when you order:

  • Quickly attach/detach or permanently lock down

  • Windage and elevation adjustable laser

  • Remote mounted stock switch

  • LED spot reflector range 150m

  • 2 x CR123A Batteries supplied

  • Scope mount with integrated rail

  • Fits 30mm & 1" riflescopes

  • Allen key for adjustment

Notice: Laser Sights do not project a visible beam of light (as shown for illustration purposes in the photo). What you will see is a red dot on whatever the laswe is pointing at.

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