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KG-12 Copper Remover 4 oz.
KG-12 Copper Remover 4 oz.

KG-12 Copper Remover 4 oz.

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KG-12 Bore Copper Remover

  First of all, KG12 is totally aggressive on copper. Also, it Contains No Ammonia. It is a water based chemical that will not harm rifle barrel steels. (Use Caution around Nickel Plating). Third, apply KG-12 with a bore brush or loose patch so you'll get a sufficient and complete wetting of the bore... don't let it evaporate, keep it wet for 5-15 minutes. Afterward, push a close fitting jag and patch through the bore and then inspect with a flashlight. Simply look into the muzzle and see if there are still some copper streaks. If there's still copper, repeat the process. When there's no more copper, flush with a couple patches of KG3 and follow with a patch of KG4 gun oil.
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