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KG-1 Carbon Remover 4 oz.
KG-1 Carbon Remover 4 oz.

KG-1 Carbon Remover 4 oz.

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  KG-1 Carbon Remover (bore solvent) - KG-1 is just about the best all around bore solvent we've ever seen. It dissolves carbon and copper fouling as well as all other firing residue. It contains no ammonia so it's safe for precision rifle bores. And its real easy to use with patches, jags, or bore brushes. We discovered how good it is be pre-cleaning heavily fouled barrels with KG-1 before using KG-12 copper remover. In most cases, the KG-1 got barrels so clean, we didn't need to use the KG-12.
  See the rest of the KG product line at our KG Gun Cleaning Home Page.

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