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JS50X Electronic Powder Scale-50g. x 0.01g(775 grain)
Electronic Reloading Scale

JS50X Electronic Powder Scale-50g. x 0.01g(775 grain)

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Electronic Powder and Reloading Scale 770 gr
This electronic scale weighs up to 770 grains of powder or bullet weight and is accurate to .1 grain. It features a stainless steel weighing tray, a backlit digital display, and push button zeroing. We include four (4) free anti-static weighing dishes for gun powder. First, put a weighing dish on the scale and press the zero button. Then fill the dish with powder and read the weight... The zero button automatically subtracts the weighing dish!
  The scale itself is 3" X 4¾" with the tray measuring 2½" X 3½". The stainless steel weighing tray has a spill-proof lip and is protected by a detachable hard cover when not in use. We ship this scale pre-calibrated so you should never have to re-calibrate it. In addition to GRAINs of weight, you can also weigh grams, ounces, troy ounces, carats, pounds, and even pennyweights.

A Lot of Scale for Not A Lot of Money - You get the following:
  • 770 grain (.1 grain accurate) scale with stainless weighing tray.
  • A detachable, protective hard cover.
  • Four (4) anti-static weighing dishes...  Order Your's Today!
  We also have dies, presses, and components... Click Reloading Accessories to see more great products!

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