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JPoint Electronic Red Dot Sight 4 or 8 MOA
JPoint Electronic Red Dot Sight 4 or 8 MOA

JPoint Electronic Red Dot Sight 4 or 8 MOA

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JPoint Miniature Red Dot Sight
JPoint is the World's Smallest Red Dot Sight... And it has earned a solid reputation on handguns, battle rifles (in Iraq), muzzle loaders, and slug guns. Measuring just 42mm x 25.4mm x 23mm, it replaces the rear sight on handguns for the most compact, quick, and accurate aiming system ever installed on a handgun. On military M4 rifles the JPoint has seen lots of action with our soldiers in Iraq. And here in the US, hunters have used it in just about every type of firearm including rifles, muzzle loaders, slug guns, and handguns. (4 MOA dot covers 4" at 100 yards)
The JPoint has an illuminated red dot aiming point powered by a CR2032 battery you can buy just about anywhere. The battery included has a lifetime of 6-12 months.  It automatically adjusts the dot brightness to suit the shooting situation, gives parallax free 1X aiming just as quick as you can center the dot on your target, and adds only .05 oz to the weight of your firearm. And with 5,000g of recoil resistance, it's suitable for all of the most popular mounting situations. To see ALL of our scopes and red dot sights, please visit our Main Riflescope Menu.

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