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JP Howitzer Brake Stainless Installed
JP Howitzer Brake Stainless Installed

JP Howitzer Brake Stainless Installed

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JP Howitzer Brake Stainless Installed
The JP Howitzer Muzzle Brake is radical looking but is honestly the most effective muzzle brake we've ever seen. We say it reduces recoil up to 100% because in most cases a gun equipped with the JP Brake just stands still during recoil. The double baffle surface area of the JP captures forward moving gases to actually pull the gun forward. This counteracts the rearward motion of recoil or kick. Certainly it converts the heavy kicking magnums into joyful, down range projectors of power! And being able to watch the hits and misses when you're prairie dog shooting, is not only fun but a good marksmanship aid. Pictured above is a Stainless JP Brake. We also have it in blue. The JP Howitzer Brake can be installed on barrels up to .45 caliber, muzzle diameters from .530 up to .875", and adds approx. 1 3/4" to the overall length of your rifle. Or, we can shorten your barrel if you don't want to add any length... That's your choice and it's included in the price.
Remember, this price includes our Precision Installation Process.
Please use our Work Order Form when sending your firearm or barrel to us. Allow approx. 6-8 weeks for installation.

*Please Note: Different guns and different cartridges recoil differently. The designer of the JP Brake used to demonstrate it at shooting ranges by placing the butt of a 30-06 rifle on his nose and firing the JP equipped rifle down range (don't try this yourself). We once built a 15" Encore in 300 Win Mag with a JP Brake installed and the customer used it to shoot 80 round silhouette matches from the one-handed Creedmoor shooting position. In fact with the JP Brake installed, "Most" centerfire rifles will almost stand still when fired. However, some particularly vicious recoiling rifles (such as pencil barreled WSMs) will still have some recoil. How much will be relative to the cartridge, rifle, and shooter's sensitivity. As stated above the JP Brake will give "Up To" 100% recoil reduction and without a doubt it is the most effective muzzle brake.

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