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J-B Bore Paste Gun Cleaner 2 oz
J-B Bore Paste Gun Cleaner 2 oz.

J-B Bore Paste Gun Cleaner 2 oz

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J-B Bore Paste Ultimate Rifle Barrel Cleaner
- This is the original Brownell's Bore Paste abrasive gun cleaner made famous by competition rifle shooters. The abrasive in J-B Bore PAste is softer than steel, but harder than copper, lead, and other difficult fouling. Solvents don't dissolve all fouling. Bronze bore brushes often do nothing but polish copper fouling.
- BUT... J-B Bore Paste physically SCRUBs fouling out of your bore. This restores accuracy... PERIOD.
  • Mildly abrasive to bore fouling yet safe for use in the finest rifle barrels
  • Removes carbon, copper, lead, and plastic fouling.
  • We Recommend USP Process w/J-B Bore Paste (Included from EABCO)

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