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Hybrid Match Ruger 10/22 Bolt - Accuracy Tuned
Hybrid Match Ruger 10/22 Bolt - Accuracy Tuned (May say "Match" or "Power")

Hybrid Match Ruger 10/22 Bolt - Accuracy Tuned

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Hybrid Match Ruger 10/22 Bolt
Accuracy Tuned and CNC Machined to Minimum Tolerances

Hybrid Match 10/22 Bolt combines the precision of CNC machining with accuracy enhancing parts and tune-up techniques. Drop-in fit... Just replace your bolt with this one.

CNC Precision Machined Features
  - Pinned Firing Pin Positioner: Stabilizes the firing pin for consistent hit position shot after shot. Consistency means accuracy. Factory bolts are peened with a hammer and punch.
  - Precision Machined Headspace: The breech face is machined to give exactly .044" headspace. This is the optimum headspace for close but proper fitting of ammo and best accuracy. (Factory bolts are sintered metal moldings that have much looser headspace tolerances).
  - CNC Tuned Firing Pin Protrusion: The firing pin protrudes exactly .040". This assures consistent ignition and minimizes rim distortion... Both conditions that enhance accuracy.
Accuracy Enhancement Parts
  - Titanium Firing Pin Fitted and Tuned: A lighter firing pin moves quicker and produces a faster "lock time" which gives better accuracy. Titanium is lighter than factory firing pins. This one is installed and tuned for consistent and reliable performance.
  - Titanium Claw Extractor Fitted and Tuned: Light, fast extractor beats the factory part in reliability. This one is fitted for smooth and consistent rim engagement... That's optimum for accuracy. A higher spring tension assures you of reliable ejection.

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