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Hogue Ruger MK IV Checkered G10 - G-Mascus Black/Grey
Hogue MK IV Checkered Grips

Hogue Ruger MK IV Checkered G10 - G-Mascus Black/Grey

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Hogue Ruger MK IV Checkered Grips
G10 - G-Mascus Black/Grey Laminate Pattern

   Traditional styled checkering on G10 laminate grips for your Ruger Mk IV. The alternating black and gray laminate layers are patterned after "Damascus" steel and the resulting grips have a VERY EXOTIC, rich look and feel. Specially made for the Ruger MKIV (not 22/45).
   G10 grips are precision machined from the highest quality G10 material available to exacting specifications. G10 is a high-pressure thermoset plastic laminate consisting of multiple layers of woven fiberglass mesh cloth impregnated with an epoxy resin binder. It can be produced with many layers of the same color, or different colors to achieve a specific cosmetic look. Typical G10 is made of only flat layers. Hogue Inc. has a new patented method of producing G10 material called G-Mascus®. This method produces different patterns within the colored material which produces a unique look. Grips made in this style take on a similar look to Damascus steel, hence the name G-Mascus. Our G10 grips are designed for a lifetime of use.

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