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Hicks #1 Accurizer
Hicks #1 Accurizer

Hicks #1 Accurizer

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Hicks Ruger Number One Accurizer
  Adjusts harmonics to achieve the accuracy sweet spot for your Ruger No.1. The main spring hanger bar that extends out under the barrel from the Ruger #1 receiver can be turned into a harmonic accuracy tuner with the installation of our Hicks #1 Accurizer. The resulting improvement in accuracy can be dramatic. Installation is easy with only minor inletting of the forend required to give clearance for the Hicks #1 Accurizer. Once installed, you shoot 3 shot groups and adjust tension until you reach optimum accuracy.

Gunsmith installation is available for $65 additional charge, please review: Custom Gunsmithing Info.

Background Information:
The Ruger Number One Rifle can have harmonic accuracy problems due to the main spring hanger bar that extends under the forend. The factory has addressed this issue for many rifles by tensioning the forend against the barrel with a high spot in the end of the barrel channel. However, this is a non-adjustable solution and is not optimal for all Ruger Number One Rifles. Our Hicks Accurizer mounts an adjustable tensioner at the end of the forend hanger bar. This allows you to fine tune the harmonics for your particular rifle and ammunition.

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