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HiViz M-Series Magnetic Shotgun Front Sight - Narrow
HiViz M300 Magnetic Front Sight - Narrow

HiViz M-Series Magnetic Shotgun Front Sight - Narrow

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HIVIZ® M-Series Magnetic Front Sight - Narrow
Snap-on magentic base for easyFast front sight acquisition is what it's all about and this fiber optic front sight for Glock pistols gives you a bright dot on your front sight. The fiber optic tube gathers ambient light and magnifies it at the end of the tube... HiViz calls these "LitePipes" and they come in different colors. Includes Green, Red and White replaceable LitePipes.

  • Narrow Fits ribs from .218" to .328" (7/32" to 21/64") (5.5mm to 8.3mm)
  • LitePipe Colors: Green 0.135, green 0.175, red 0.135, two tone 0.175
  • Includes Green and Red replaceable LitePipes in two diameters plus the unique HIVIZ two-toned LitePipe (green LitePipe with a red center).
  • Fits: Beretta T& SK rib, Pintaio Auto, Silver Pigeon Skeet, 682 Sporting and Gold Skeet
  • Fits: Benelli Super Black Eagle I, II, III, M2 Field, Nova, Super Nova all 12 ga, Models with vent rib
  • Fits: Browning BPS all models, Gold 10 ga, Citori Satin Hunter 12 ga, 625 Sporting 12 ga, Cynergy 12 ga, Citori White Lightning, Cynergy Field 12 ga
  • Fits: CZ-USA Over Under shotguns Redhead, Canvasback, Woodcock, Mallard (all models)
  • Fits: Remingtion 870 Express/11-87 Sportsmen with vent rib
  • Fits: Ruger Red Label (all models)
  • Fits: Stoeger P350

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