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Harris Series S Bipods
Harris Series S Type Bipods - All Models

Harris Series S Bipods

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Harris Series S-Type Anti Canting Bipods - All Models
  The Harris Series S Bipods tilt from side to side so that you can level your rifle as you aim. Side to side level is called "Cant". If you are "Canting" a rifle to one side or the other, you will throw off the accuracy of your aim. The Harris Series S Bipod design allows you to level your rifle from side to side as you're aiming. It does this under adjustable friction tension so it stays put once your crosshair is level.
  And just like the original Harris 1A2 bipods, all you need is a swivel stud in your forend to attach the Series S Bipod. Once attached, you can adjust the friction tension with a knurled tightener knob. Make it move looser or stiffer to suit yourself. We have more information as well as special Bipod Adaptors, PodLoc Levers, AccuShot Butt Pods and more.

  To Order, Choose from the Drop Menu Above... Details Below:
  721-SBR  Bench Rest Model 6-9" Height
  721-SBRM  Bench Rest Model 6-9" Height w/Notches
  -The Bench Rest Models are low and well suited to shooting off a bench.
  721-SL  Most Popular 9-13" Height
  721-SLM  Most Popular 9-13" Height w/Notches
   - The 9-13" Height is our all around Most Popular model for hunters.
  721-S25  Extra High 3-Pc Legs 11-23" Height
  721-S25C  Ultra High 3-Pc Legs 13-27" Height
   - Tallest models that are also as compact as possible

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