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Harris Series 1A2 Bipods - All Models
Harris Series 1A2 Bipods - All Models

Harris Series 1A2 Bipods - All Models

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Part Number:721-1A2

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Bench Rest 6-9
Bench Rest 6-9 Notched
Most Popular 9-13
Most Popular 9-13 Notched
Special High 13-23
Extra High 11-23
Ultra High 13-27

Original Harris Series 1A2 Bipods - All Models
The Foldable, Extendable,... Reliable Bipod... Scroll Down
  The "Original" Harris Bipod is still the king of bipods. Its light weight and convenience made it the favorite of military and hunters alike... And here's why: With simple attachment to a forend swivel stud, this bipod can be installed on just about any rifle and read to go in minutes. Its legs fold down and even extend to give it variable height... Which suits the shooting conditions in the field. Yes, the Harris Bipod is the complete package, the best bipod you can buy and at the most reasonable price, too. We carry all other Harris Bipod models and Accessories including the Series S Bipods and the special purpose bipod adaptors. See our Harris Bipods Home Page.
  The Series 1A2 comes in several heights with either notched or regular legs. Regular legs can adjust and friction lock to variable height. Notched legs snap into precut notches for quick and definite deployment (the military prefers notches).
  To Order, Choose from the Drop Menu Above... Details Below:
  721-1A2BR  Bench Rest Model 6-9" Height
  721-1A2BRM  Bench Rest Model 6-9" Height w/Notches
  -The Bench Rest Models are low and well suited to shooting off a bench.
  721-1A2L  Most Popular 9-13" Height
  721-1A2LM  Most Popular 9-13" Height w/Notches
   - The 9-13" Height is our all around Most Popular model for hunters.
  721-1A2H  Special High Standard Legs 13-23" Height
- The tallest standard 2-piece leg model retains the simplicity of shorter versions.
  721-1A225  Extra High 3-Pc Legs 11-23" Height
  721-1A225C  Ultra High 3-Pc Legs 13-27" Height
   - Tallest models that are also as compact as possible

5 Stars
At Last - The Best
I've always wanted a Harris bipod and a great sale at EABCO pushed me into finally ordering one. Could not be happier. The day it arrived I tried it out on several rifles and it fit perfectly on each one. I love that it's so interchangeable and super easy to attach, detach and deploy. I got the notched version so there's no guessing on setting identical leg heights. You might want the other style if your resting surface is somehow uneven. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by:  from Virginia. on 9/12/2016

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