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Halo Charging Ring for Ruger Mk III, Mk IV
Halo Charging Ring for Mk III/Mk IV

Halo Charging Ring for Ruger Mk III, Mk IV

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Halo Charging Ring for Ruger® Mk III/Mk IV®
  The Halo is an easy to grip "pull ring" that attaches to your Ruger Mk III/Mk IV bolt. It makes it easy to pull the bolt back for anyone... Big or small, strong or weak. Easily rack the bolt to cock and load a round. Easily grasp and pull to clear a jam. Tired of sore and pinched fingers from charging your Ruger® MarkIV or Ruger® MarkIII? Upgrade your pistol with the “halo” Charging Handle for Ruger® MKIV, MKIII and 22/45!
  The Halo features a smooth, curved ring for improved leverage and easy charging for all users - whether right- or left-handed. The ambidextrous design also works with a holster.
  The Halo Charging Ring is an ideal upgrade for competition shooters who may need to charge the pistol or clear a jam quickly. For junior and senior shooters, overcoming the hammer can also be a serious challenge. Made of lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum, the Halo Charging Ring for Ruger® Mark IV and Ruger® Mark III pistols improves grip and leverage for easier charging, without adding extra weight to the back of the pistol or impacting the pistol's action. 

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