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Glock Trigger Tune-Up - Glock Pistols Gen 1-4
Glock Trigger Tune-Up by Ghost, Inc | Fits Glock Pistols Gen 1-4

Glock Trigger Tune-Up - Glock Pistols Gen 1-4

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Rocket Trigger Connector Eliminates Trigger Over Travel for Better Accuracy!
Trigger "over-travel" is the distance the trigger continues to move after the shot goes off. It causes the gun to move while it's firing, and this degrades your accuracy. When there's over-travel, right handed shooters will tend to shoot to the left (and left handers vice versa).

  • The Rocket trigger connector has an over travel tab that stops the trigger from moving after the shot goes off. This reduces gun movement and greatly improves your accuracy potential.

Some Fitting & Special Tools Required - Installing the Rocket requires dis-assembly and reassembly of the Glock fire control mechanism... several times. You'll be shortening the over-travel tab (TCT) on the Rocket a little each time and then re-assembling to test the function. When you get it just short enough to allow the striker to release and the trigger to reset, you're done.

Special Tools: The orange, open bottom slide plate is absolutely required to allow you to reach in and release the sear for each disassembly during the fitting. And the punch is perfect for removing the pins that hold the fire control mechaism in the frame. Tools are re-usable, one set works for many, many installations!
The Rocket is the only part being modified and there are no mods to the rest of your gun. In fact, you can restore your Glock to original by just removing the Rocket and putting the factory trigger connector back in your gun.

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