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Forster Original Case Trimmer
Forster Original Case Trimmer

Forster Original Case Trimmer

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Forster's Original Case Trimmer and Trimmer Kit
  The Original, Forster Case Trimmer is the right choice for most calibers with bullet diameters from .171" to .459". It is actually a fine miniature lathe with a superior shell holder design based on a Brown & Sharpe type collet. Collets #1 through #4 fit our Original, Case Trimmer and hold the rims of most rifle and pistol calibers within that range. Our Original, Case Trimmer allows you to go as far as you need to go with your reloading because it allows you to expand your system by adding any of the accurizing accessories.
  The "Trimmer Kit" includes collets 1, 2 & 3 and pilots 22, 24, 25, 27, 28 & 30. The "Kit" is the most economical way to get into case trimming for most cartridges. Additional pilots and collets can be ordered separately.
  See our Forster Products Page for additional information.

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