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Forster Bench Rest Dies

Forster Full Length Bench Rest Reloading 2-Die Sets - These sets include the innovative Forster full length sizer and Bench Rest seater dies. The full length sizer has Forster's E-Z OUT expander ball system that allows positioning of the expander for the best mechanical advantage. This elevated position combines with a Co-Ax mounting washer that corrects any misalignment of the decapper/ expander assembly and prevents the case neck from pulling off center. The Bench Rest Seater Die features an innovative, caliber-specific Die Chamber (Fig. 7). It holds the case, the bullet and the seating stem all in perfect alignment; supporting the entire outside diameter of the sized case rather than just the bullet and case neck. To further enhance alignment and accuracy potential, these dies do not crimp* (neck tension is achieved with the sizer die).
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Forster Bench Rest 2-Die Sets
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Forster Bench Rest 6.5mm BRM Die Sets - 2 Die FL Set
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