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Forster Bench Rest 2-Die Sets
Forster Bench Rest 2-Die Sets

Forster Bench Rest 2-Die Sets

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Forster Bench Rest 2-Die Sets
Full Length Sizer and Straight Line Bench Rest Seater Dies
  Innovative advantages of Forster "Bench Rest" 2-Die sets produce the best "glove fit" ammo with the straightest possible bullet seating. The Forster Full Length Resizing Die has an E-Z Out expander ball that can be adjusted upward to just below the die neck. This gives superior mechanical advantage for the neck expansion stroke. This system also has a Co-Ax washer system to correct any misalignment and prevent the neck from being pulled off center.
  The Forster Bench Rest seater die is specifically fit to the chamber. It fully aligns the bullet and the cartridge before the bullet is pressed into the cartridge neck. The alignment chamber fits the entire cartridge case... Forster was the first, and is still the best straight line Bench Rest seating die on the market.
  Straighter full length sizing and straighter bullet seating... These are the ingredients for loading accurate ammunition. Order Your Forster Dies Today!
  See more at our Forster Products Page.

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