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Hawke Endurance Riflescopes

   Hunting is serious business. And, if your optics haven't been specifically designed with hunting in mind, how can you trust them when the time comes to take the shot?
  The Endurance line of scopes feature chassis and reticle designs that have been explicitly engineered for HUNTING... Hunting everything from varmint to big game.
  The Endurance Range is available in either a 30mm or 1 inch mono-tube chassis. The LER 1 inch models boast exceptional eye relief in excess of 4.5 inches, for safety and mounting flexibility on hard recoiling firearms. The 30mm chassis is available with side focus parallax adjustment. All 30mm models use a coil erector spring, maximizing internal stability.
   The Endurance Range also showcases unique ballistic reticle designs. The Marksman reticle takes advantage of the shared ballistic profile of the popular .223 and .308 varmint and big game rounds to deliver out-of-the-box accuracy in a 700 yard reticle. The Slug Gun SR reticle, designed primarily for shotgun slugs and muzzleloader sabots, offers customization to the specific ballistic profile of your shotgun or muzzleloader. Additionally, the reticle offers compatibility with many popular straight-walled rifle cartridges like the .500 S&W, .44 Mag, .35 Remington, and more. Other reticle options include the Mil Dot Center Dot, LR Dot, L4A Dot, 30/30 Center Cross and the 10x Half Mil Dot.
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Hawke Endurance 30 SF Side Focus Riflescopes
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Hawke Endurance LER 3-9x40 Slug and Muzzleloader SR Riflescope-Special Pricing!
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