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Edge Extended Scope Mount for Picatinny Rails
Cantilever Extended Scope Mount for Weaver Bases

Edge Extended Scope Mount for Picatinny Rails

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Edge Extended Scope Mount fits Weaver Bases
Adjusts Eye Relief by Extending Scope Mount Forward or Backward.
  Integral one piece base and rings clamps to one piece Weaver Style scope base and gives 1¾" extension to your scope mounting position. Use the Edge  to shorten or lengthen the distance between your eye and the scope eyepiece.  Mounts medium height, fits 1" tubes. 
  Cantilever 10/22 Mount - The Edge mount is currently the only 1” scope ring, medium height, cantilever style mount designed for the 10/22® rifle.  The Edge fits seamlessly on the 10/22® receiver as well as other rifles that utilize full length Picatinny rail.  The Edge mount positions the front ring forward on the upper receiver by 1 3/4” allowing optics to be mounted further out, allowing the shooter to position their head in the proper position.  The Edge scope mount allows the user to remove the optics from the rifle then reattach them without the loss of zero.

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