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EABCO Tungsten Buffer Weights fit AR15,  3-Pack
3-Pack of Tungsten AR15 Buffer Weights

EABCO Tungsten Buffer Weights fit AR15, 3-Pack

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AR15 Tungsten Buffer Weights 3-Pack
- It's easy to fine tune your bolt speed for optimum performance and reliability using our Tungsten Buffer Weights. Your AR15 recoil buffer has three STEEL weights inside. You simply replace the steel weights with EABCO TUNGSTEN Weights. Tungsten is HEAVY... 130% denser than steel and 60% denser than lead. You simply substitute one or more of our Tungsten weights for the original steel weights to achieve the buffer weight that works best for you. Each Tungsten weight is 1.5 oz. You can fit three in a standard buffer... Over five in the long rifle buffer.
- Use our EABCO Tungsten Buffer Weights to create your own H1, H2, H3 heavy buffer!
  • Original 3 Steel Weights = 3 oz
  • 1 Tungsten 2 Steel = 3.8 oz H
  • 2 Tungsten 1 Steel = 4.7 oz H2
  • 3 Tungsten 0 Steel = 5.6 oz H3
  • Our Tungsten is Lead Free
  • Perfect Fit Replacement for AR15 Steel Buffer Weights

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