Easily upgrade your Savage model 10/110 series bolt-action rifle, or Savage Axis by replacing the barrel with a premium EABCO Accuracy Barrel.  This switch can quickly improve your accuracy, turning your 'regular Joe' rifle into a 'scary accurate, 1000 yard machine'.  If you would rather, ship your rifle to us and we can switch out the barrel for you! 

This is a review from one of our customers, and we get them all the time! 

"I just finished the last two NRA mid range shoots of the season using your 6.5x284 EABCO accuracy barrel and wow I'm impressed. This barrel gave me some of the best scores I've shot to date and is heads above some more expensive barrels I have. Whatever you folks are doing keep it up because for the money you just can't beat these barrels. Fit and finish were excellent, and the chamber is tight making for some exceptional performance at extreme ranges. Will be buying a 6mm BR for mid range soon to complement my 6.5x284 1000 yard rifle. A+++ all the way! Thanks EABCO"  -Scott

Accuracy Details - 
  • Precision Barrel Blanks - drilled from the best Chromoly steel alloys.  Then reamed within .0002 (2/10,000ths) of proper bore dimension, and then Two-Pass button rifled in the various twist rates to suit your accuracy requirements.
  • One-at-a-Time Barrel Making - minimizing stress, keeping true center-to-center turning and reaming, finished with our signature 11 degree target crown insures that bullets exit the barrel with perfectly even gas pressure.
Barrel Details - 

Contour is varmint hunter weight, 26" long and tapered to just under .800" at the muzzle.  Chromoly steel, blue finish.

  • 17 Remington Fireball- Developed from the 221 Fireball, this 17 caliber version achieves velocities up to 4,000 fps and uses the same bolt face as the 223 Remington.

  • 204 Ruger - We optimize this chambering for the 32 gr bullet to achieve maximum accuracy at the 4000-4200 fps velocities it's capable of shooting.  We use a 1:12 twist rate.  Also compatible with the 223 bolt face.

  • 223 Remington - The Savage factory 223 barrels are 1:9 twist, which is optimized for heavier bullets like the military ball ammo.  Our EABCO 223 is finished in a 1:12 twist, which is the best accuracy when shooting varmint weight bullets from 40-55 grains.

  • 243 Winchester - The Savage factory 243 barrels are 1:9.5 twist, pretty close to the standard 1:10 twist most common with 243 rifles.  This twist isn't quite fast enough for bullet weights of 100 grains or more...including the most common over-the-counter 243 ammunition.  We do our 243 barrels with a 1:8 twist to give the best accuracy potential for bullets of 100 grains or more.

  • 6mm BR Norma - The original 6mm BR was THE benchrest favorite until 6mm PPC came along.  Now, benchrest competitions are going to longer distances, and there is a resurgence in popularity of the 6mm BR in a new version called the 6mm BR Norma.  This is a chamber that's throated for 100-105 grain match bullets.  Our 6mm BR barrels are throated for these long, heavy bullets and done in a 1:8 rifling twist especially to suit 100-105 grain bullets.

  • 6.5x47 Lapua - Developed by Lapua specifically for long range bench rest shooting competitions.  Case capacity, body taper, shoulder angle, and small rifle primer are all features requested by top international shooters.  You can expect velocities of 2500-2600+ with 140 grain bullets.

  • 6.5mm Creedmoor - Developed by Hornady and Creedmoor Sports, the 6.5mm Creedmoor is designed for efficiency and function.  Its shape reaches high velocities while maintaining standard 308 Winchester pressures.  Its overall length fits well with 308 Winchester length magazines.

  • 260 Remington - The 260 is actually a .264 caliber or 6.5mm bullet on a 308 case.  Essentially a modern, more efficient take-off from the 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser.  We do our 260 barres with a 1:8 twist, which is optimum for the popular 140 grain 6.5mm bullets (same sectional density as a 190 grain 30 caliber!).  Fits 308 bolt face dimensions.

  • 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser - This is the original 6.5mm that launched the popularity of 6.5mm cartridges in general.  Mild recoil, consistent accuracy, and deadly performance on game. It is still all that but now has readily available ammo and brass in many brands.  Offered here because of your numerous requests!

  • 6.5mm-284 - This is a long distance benchrest cartridge, very popular among 1,000 yard shooters.  It incorporates the short-fat cartridge characteristics of 6mm PPC and 6mm BR into the near perfect 6.5mm bullet and bore dimension.  The 6.5mm caliber has naturally extreme ballistics coefficients and the 6.5-284 case capacity achieves superior trajectories without magnum recoil.

  • 308 Winchester - The Savage factory 308 barrels have a 1:10 twist.  The most popular bullet for Benchrest competitors is the 155 grain, which shoots best in a 1:12 twist.  So, we do our Savage barrels in the 1:12 twist, Benchrest shooters' preference.  Fits 308 bolt face dimensions.
Want to learn more about the popular 6.5mm Rifle Cartridges?  We are big fans of the 6.5mm cartridge -- it is superbly accurate!  Read our "Comparing 6.5 Cartridges" post.