With a one-in-a-lifetime hunt scheduled, Nick headed out to the range for sight in.  He took the Remington 700 chambered in an EABCO Accuracy Barrel in 6.5 Creedmoor, loaded with one of our premium Oryx Chassis Stocks and Hawke Endurance scope.  This is one fine rifle.  He had it nailed down, shooting several bullets in the same hole!

He headed out to Northwoods Antler Lodge in Wisconsin for a few days.  Within a couple hours of the hunt, sitting ready in his stand, Nick spotted this monster buck about 90 yards out.  He began to feel it... buck fever!  He watched for a bit, getting ready to pull the trigger when the timing was right.  As the buck turned just toward him, his breath steaming in the cold air, it was time.  Nick pulled the trigger and dropped him instantly.  The Remington was spot on, a perfect shot!

"This rifle is so awesome.  I'm so glad I used this.  It's super accurate and reliable, and feels natural to shoot."