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Custom TC Encore Pro Hunter Thumbhole Brown Stock Sets
T/C Encore Thumbhole Set in Laminate Brown (Shade Varies)

Custom TC Encore Pro Hunter Thumbhole Brown Stock Sets

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Custom TC Encore Thumbhole Brown Laminate Stocks
  Custom designed thumbhole stock set for the TC Encore. This is a complete SET for the TC Encore rifle, including the Brown Laminate Thumbhole Buttstock and Brown Laminate Forend to fit your choice: The standard 24", heavy  26" and 28"Pro Hunter (PH), muzzleloader, slug, or shotgun barrels. Transform your TC Encore, Pro Hunter, or Endeavor Rifle! The difference in appearance and handling is remarkable. Your eye lines up with the scope more naturally. The rifle mounts and points more naturally.
  Drop-In Fit: The thumbhole buttstocks are completely inletted for the Encore frame. Simply remove your original stock, slip this one on, and tighten the grip bolt. 
 Everything is Included*: These are complete and finished stocks... Satin Poly finished. Butt pad is fitted and installed. Grip bolt, forend screws, and swivel studs are included. *Muzzleloader forend Hardware (127-107) is not included with the muzzleloader Set. This is to keep costs down if you already have it, but it can be purchased separately if needed.

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