Muzzle Brakes with an Emphasis on Accuracy, Functionality and Value. 

When accuracy is a priority, installation requires proper centering and alignment. Even though the crown of the barrel is out of sight at the rear of the brake, it is extremely critical to the accuracy of the firearm after the installation.  For this reason, our muzzle brake installations are secured in place with Loctite and not intended for you to take them off and on (like the loose fitting threads of a flash suppressor, for example).  Note: INSTALLED brakes are a custom machining and gunsmithing service, delivery is approximately 4-6 weeks. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Will A Brake Hurt Accuracy? 
 A properly installed muzzle brake WILL NOT HURT ACCURACY. In fact, a brake that we install here at EABCO will very likely improve your accuracy. Our alignment and target crown achieve this. 

2. Will A Brake Reduce Velocity? 
No. The brake itself has little or no effect on the velocity of your bullets. Barrel length determines velocity. If you want your barrel shortened during the brake installation, the shorter barrel will reduce velocity, but it won't be due to anything from the brake. 

3. How Much Recoil Reduction? 
It's impossible to give an exact amount of recoil reduction that you can expect. Guns differ in length, weight, and barrel height above the stock. Shooters may "perceive" recoil differently than other shooters. And of course different cartridges, bullet weights, and loads will recoil differently. We have attempted to give a rough idea in the muzzle brake descriptions, but we have to say words like "Up To X%". 

Our Precision Installation Process 

On-Center Threaded Brakes - Our muzzle brakes are all threaded on-center with the bore. This assures that the exit hole is aligned with the bullet path and that ignition gases affect the bullet equally on all sides, which is the best condition for accuracy.

C-T-C 11º Target Crown - After the muzzle is threaded and before the brake is installed, we cut the crown. Our crowning system aligns the muzzle and the chamber between centers (C-T-C) to assure that a perfect crown is cut. This crown is inspected with a loupe to be sure it is perfect before the muzzle brake is installed.

No-Stress Mounting - Our muzzle brake threads are snug with no wobble... again to assure alignment and accuracy. Beyond this, we install them with a zero-torque method to be sure no stress is introduced into the barrel.  Finally to assure accuracy, they are sealed in place with red loctite. 

Brakes we Offer: 

Maximum Recoil Reduction with Reduced Muzzle Blast and Accuracy Enhancement.  A large expansion chamber followed by a baffle traps and redirects gases to eliminate dust printing, muzzle rise, and back blast... you can watch your shots hit the target. Up to 70% Recoil Reduction. All stainless steel construction... a very effective and comfortable brake. Choose this brake for fast .224-.358 caliber cartridges. This brake is designed to contain the bullet within high temperature gases as it passes through the brake... Avoiding flutter from the sound barrier. 

Large, double baffle surface area captures forward moving gases to actually pull the gun forward... nearly canceling out rearward recoil completely. With most cartridges you'll see up to 100% recoil reduction*... Without question, the most effective muzzle brake we've ever seen. Choose this muzzle brake for pretty much any .224-.45 caliber cartridge.  Available in Stainless.

Watch this video - JP Howitzer Brake vs. Lazzeroni Warbird. An Unsolicited Video Recoil Test by Kelly Alwood, Infidel Films. We found this video on YouTube that shows the difference in recoil when the JP Brake is installed on a magnum center fire bolt action rifle. It shows the shooter triggering shots from the prone (laying down) shooting position with a rifle chambered in "7.82 Lazzeroni Warbird". The shooter describes the cartridge as having ballistics similar to a 300 Win Mag. Recoil can be especially punishing when you are shooting prone. The video shows the exact same rifle and shooter with the JP Brake removed and then with the JP Brake screwed on. Shots are shown in real time and later in slow motion... Quite an effective demonstration of the actual result of installing the JP Brake. For the purposes of demonstration, the video shows Mr. Alwood screwing the Brake on and off the muzzle of the rifle. For the best potential accuracy however, we recommend that brakes be installed with close fitting threads and fixed in place with red loctite... This keeps the exit hole in the center and secures it from any chance of wobble.

These muzzle brakes reduce recoil level approximately 42-45% and eliminate muzzle rise on chamberings up to 300 Win. Mag. Our installations are threaded 5/8-24 and 1/2-28 on-center and finished with our 11º center-to-center Target Crown. Blended to fit muzzle diameters from .530" to .850". Works with any .224-.45 cal. cartridge.

essentially turning the brake off without removing it. You can open the ports and enjoy the recoil reduction while working up loads, sighting in, and practicing. Then, just close the ports if you want to go hunting with normal muzzle noise*. Same accuracy, same sight zero. Locked-In Precision - Muzzle Brakes are not like flash suppressors that can be just screwed on and off. Accuracy and recoil reduction require that they have very close and even clearance with the bullet (measured in thousandths). The Brockman Brake is precision threaded and rigidly installed with 11º target crown on center with the bore. Only the outer sleeve moves to open and close ports. Shoot Better with Less Recoil - Pendulum tested to reduce recoil by up to 47%, the Brockman Brake will make any rifle easier to shoot well. You'll shoot better from a rest when your rifle stops jumping around on the bags and you concentrate. You'll shoot better off-hand when you practice with the brake and stop flinching and jerking the trigger. Physical Requirements - Calibers from .224 to .338, minimum muzzle diameter of .730". Maximum .875". The brake itself is .875" in diameter and our installation bevels at the rear to transition nicely to your barrel diameter.  Available in Stainless.

An extremely Popular and Effective brake for All Centerfire Rifle Cartridges! Our "Go To" brake for large diameter, "heavy" barrel contours. It fits muzzle diameters from .750 to 1.000 inch. This JP Tactical (and varmint) muzzle brake draws heavily from the dual baffle design of our JP “Howitzer” muzzle brake. The original idea was that smaller cartridges like .223 Rem don’t need as much baffle area so the size of the brake could be reduced without losing too much baffle effect. But it evolved into a major caliber brake. It is excellent for all cartridges.  We've been installing these on Encore barrels, Bolt Action rifles, and AR15 variants for a several of years now, on guns chambered for just about all centerfire cartridges.  The response has been so positive that we added this brake to our regular installed Muzzle Brake line-up. The major outside diameter of this brake is 1.220". It adds about 2-1/8 inch to the barrel length (unless you want us to shorten the barrel with installation).  Available in Blue.

Ordering Custom Shop Work Online - Please complete your order, and fill out and enclose our WORK ORDER FORM (pdf) with your barrel or gun.  Finally, please call or email if you have any questions.  ([email protected]/800-950-9088)