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Custom 6.5mm BRM Brass Sampler (5 pcs)
6.5mm BRM Brass Sampler

Custom 6.5mm BRM Brass Sampler (5 pcs)

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6.5mm BRM Brass Sampler (5 pcs)
Five pieces of our custom 6.5mm BRM Brass that you can use to test fit and test load in your 6.5mm BRM firearm. If it fits and works, you can then order the full bag of 50. Custom, fully formed reloading brass for 6.5mm BRM fits Model 97D Rifles and other guns chambered for the EABCO 6.5mm BRM cartridge. This is "wildcat" brass, formed from virgin (unfired) 30-30 brass using our secret process that results in a fully formed shoulder and full case capacity. The headstamp still may read 30-30 or 38-55 depending on what parent brass we make it from. But this brass is only to be used in 6.5mm BRM chambers. Load this brass with our custom 127-2640 Forster or 127-261 Lee 6.5mm BRM dies.

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