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Crosman Pellgun Oil
Crosman Pellgun Oil - For CO2 and PCP Air Guns and Seals

Crosman Pellgun Oil

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Recommended for the QB78 family of CO2 air rifles as well as the Crosman 160, 2260, and Benjamin Discovery Pre-Charged Pneumatic air rifles. Also excellent for pump-up pneumatics! (NOT recommended for spring piston guns).
Crosman Pellgun Oil is a special formula developed to lubricate and refresh the seals of CO2 gas and pneumatic air guns. It was originally formulated for the Crosman 160 CO2 rifles and is now recommended for the QB78 Chinese CO2 rifles in the QB78 Family Workshop Manual. Just a drop applied to the end of your CO2 powerlets will disburse this oil throughout your gun and keep your seals moist and conditioned. Works well for lubricating moving parts, too.

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