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Complete Guns

Complete Guns by EABCO
- Here at E. Arthur Brown Company (EABCO), we have been a licensed gun manufacturer for many years. We started with our BF Silhouette Pistols, then added the Model 97D Falling Block rifles. More recently, customers have expressed an interest in having us assemble and tune complete guns from the many parts and accessories that we sell.
- The prices marked are basically retail for the parts plus $280 for assembly and BATF manufacturing paperwork. We also have to add the 11% excise tax that has to be paid to the BATF for every manufactured firearm. What you see here is the finished price you pay to EABCO. Of course, all finished and serial numbered guns must ship to your local FFL dealer where you can pick them up after proper paperwork and transfer recording. Local sales tax and transfer fees may be charged by your local gun shop.

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