There are many 6.5mm Cartridges to choose from, and depending on your purpose, you need to make sure you are shooting your best.  The currently popular 6.5mm cartridge in the USA has been a long time coming!  I won't go into my opinions on why it took so long to catch on... the important thing is that it finally HAS caught on and we have a wide selection of 6.5mm cartridges to choose from.

Here's a break-down of each of these cartridges:

  • 6.5mm Grendel - Developed by Alexander Arms for the AR15 and Military M4 family of rifles.  The Grendel fits the dimensional and functional requrirements of these rifles while delivering better lethality and downrange performance.  There are now similar cartridges from other rifle companies.  We chamber for the Les Baer "264 LBC-AR".  Designed for velocities of 2400-2500 fps with 123 grain bullets, it shoots the 140 grain at about 2000 fps (for comparison purposes).  We make this as a custom option in our T/C Encore Pro Hunter barrel production line.  Look for item #122-ABCUS

  • 6.5mm BRM - Developed by us, E. Arthur Brown Company, Inc., to give "Big Game Performance to Small Framed Rifles"... namely our Model 97D RifleT/C Contender and T/C Encore.  Velocities of 2400-2500 fps with 140 grain bullets puts it just under the original 6.5x55 Swede performance.  (We also make the ammo for this - Hornady A-Max or Nosler Accubond.)

  • 6.5mm x 47 Lapua - Developed by Lapua specifically for long range bench rest shooting competitions.  Case capacity, body taper, shoulder angle, and small rifle primer are all features requested by top international shooters.  You can expect velocities of 2500-2600+ with 140 grain bullets.  We make custom T/C Encore barrels and ready-to-ship Savage barrels in this caliber.

  • 6.5mm Creedmoor - Developed by Hornady and Creedmoor Sports, the 6.5mm Creedmoor is disigned for efficiency and function.  Its shape reaches high velocitiies while maintaining standard 308 Winchester pressures.  Its overall  length fits well with 308 Winchester length magazines.  YOu can expect velocities of 2600-2700+ fps with 140 grain bullets.  Our 6.5 Creedmoor Accuracy Barrels come ready to ship for the T/C Encore Pro HunterSavage 10/110, Remington 700 and AR10, as well as available with custom options for the T/C Encore Pro Hunter.

  • 260 Remington - Developed by Remington to compete with the 6.5mm x 55 Swedish Mauser that was (finally) gaining popularity in the mid 1990s.  By necking down the 7mm-08 Remington to 6.5mm (264 cal), the 260 Remington was created.  It fit the same short action bolt-actions that fit 308 Win, 243 Win, 7-08 Remington, etc.  You can expect velocities of 2600-2700 fps with 140 grain bullets in the 260 Remington.  We make 260 Remington standard in our Savage Accuracy Barrels, Remington Accuracy Barrels, T/C Encore Accuracy Barrel (Blue), and T/C Encore (Stainless).

  • 6.5mm x 55 Swedish Mauser - This is the cartridge that started the 6.5mm craze in the USA.  Developed by the Mauser Corporation back around 1896 (I think), it is famous for having mild recoi, deadly lethality on even the biggest game animals... and superb accuracy potential.  Original ballistics were in the 2500 fps range with 140 grain bullets.  Now, handloaders get 2600-2700+ fps.  You can find this caliber in our Savage Accuracy Barrels, and our T/C Encore Accuracy Barrels.
  • 6.5-06 - This cartridge is made by necking down 30-06 to 264 caliber.  Velocities run 2700-2900+ fps with 140 grain bullets.
  • 6.5mm-284 Norma - This cartridge comes from necking the 284 Winchester down to 264 caliber.  Norma standardized it for commercial ammo sales.  The 6.5mm-284 is used extensively for NRA High Power competition at 1,000 yard ranges.  Velocities run 3000-3100+ with 140 grain bullets.  We make this caliber standard in our Savage Accuracy Barrels, and as a custom option for T/C Encore Pro Hunter.

  • 264 Winchester Magnum - Developed by Winchester back in 1959, the 264 Winchester Mag never really caught on, and may have actually delayed the acceptance of 6.5mm cartridges by US shooters (in my opinion).  Velocities run 3000-3100+ fps with 140 grain bullets.

  • 26 Nosler - This is a non-belted magnum introduced in 2014 by Nosler Bullet Company.  Velocities run 320-3300+ fps with 140 grain bullets.  Bullets, brass and factory loaded ammunition are readily available.  We make the 26 Nosler in our Savage Accuracy Barrel line.
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