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Clenzoil Cleaner, Lube and Protectant 8 oz
Clenzoil Cleaner and Lube 8 oz

Clenzoil Cleaner, Lube and Protectant 8 oz

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Clenzoil Field & Range Solution - 8oz.

  A high quality one-step rust preventative and lubricant for Lock, Stock and Barrel(TM). It is effective in removing oils, dirt, copper, lead and other contaminants. Clenzoil provides a thin, non-greasy coating that prevents rust and lubricates all moving parts of fine firearms and sporting equipment. Clenzoil also nourishes, preserves and protects wood & leather. It will not harm polymer or other synthetic surfaces. Great for wood stocks & grips, leather holsters, scabbards and slings. 
  We recommend it in two scenarios: First as a lubricant and protectant after regular cleaning of your firearms... (it works great as a bore treatment after cleaning with Wipe-Out because Clenzoil severely retards lead and copper fouling.) Second, as an all-around cleaner, lube, and protectant when you're out in the hunting fields... A bottle of Clenzoil and a Boresnake are all you need in the field!

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