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Choate Tactical Custom Savage Stock
Choate Tactical Custom Savage Stock

Choate Tactical Custom Savage Stock

On sale:$439.00

Part Number:317-STCP

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SA Centerfeed 4.41
SA Detachable 4.41
SA Staggerfeed 4.27
LA Staggerfeed 5.062
LA Centerfeed 5.062

Choate Tactical Custom Savage Stock
  This stock has a full length bedding block, a rail on the bottom of the forend to attach a bipod, and sling swivels on both sides. It also has a custom machined aluminum cheek piece of 6061 T6 with a .750 inch vertical height adjustment and a 3-way aluminum butt plate of 6061 T6. That can add up to 1.25 additional length of pull as well as horizontal adjustment of one inch up or down. A comfortable rubber butt pad finishes the butt plate nicely. Adjustment on the cheek piece is made with a rosette type knob. Adjustments to the 3-way butt plate are made with a 5/32 allen wrench. The length of pull can be adjusted from 13¼" out to 14½".
This stock is meant to work with your factory screws.  

We have stocks to fit the Savage factory short or long actions, with or without accu-trigger. Choose the 4.27" screw spacing if you have a staggerfeed magazine. Choose the Centerfeed 4.41" screw spacing if you have the newer centerfeed magazine. Choose Detachable 4.41" if you have a Rifle with a Detachable Magazine. The "Long Action" version fits 5.062" screw spacing.
  Fits-All Barrel Channel - Since "free floating" of the barrel is preferred on all bolt actions, Choate has set this stock up to fit any barrel including the widest diameter bull barrels. Skinny barrels will have a wide gap between the barrel and the forend but they will shoot accurately from this stock.
Fitting Information - Long Actions have a screw hole spacing of 5.062". Center Feed is when you remove the action from the stock and the magazine stays in the stock. Stagger Feed is when you remove the action from the stock and the magazine box stays attached to the receiver.
  Detachable Magazine Fit -
A detachable magazine is when the magazine can be detached from the stock. This Choate stock will fit the original Savage detachable magazine bottom metal with the latch in the front. It will NOT fit the detachable magazine rifles where the magazine latch is part of the magazine! Also, it will NOT fit the Savage detachable magazine rifles with the aftermarket Accurate-Mag bottom metal that uses the Accurate-Mag magazines.
This stock WILL fit detachable magazine rifles with the bolt release located on the bottom of the rifle OR on the top side. Does NOT fit Axis/Edge.
  Hinged Floor-Plate Fit
- Use Detachable Magazine Stock and fitting requirements, screw spacing, etc..
- There will be an 3/16 gap under the safety on all the Savage Varmint, Tactical and Sniper stocks. The action should only touch on the V of the bedding block and back of the recoil lug. The gap at the back is normal for Savage actions when installed in our stocks.

We have many more models... See our Choate Gun Stocks web page!
5 Stars
Took awhile
I received my new stock today. It fits perfectly. What an improvement form my old Ultimate sniper stock. I have always had problems with repeating sight alignment and sight picture with my old non-adjustable stock. Repeating sight alignment and picture are now simple. It took awhile (8 weeks) but I love it. Range tomorrow.
Reviewed by:  from Virginia. on 6/17/2017
5 Stars
great stock
i built a true heavy barreled .308 using a McGowan 26 inch barrel. it shot ragged 1 hole groups at 200 yards with varget powder and 175 gr smk bullets. after putting my barreled action in the choate stock with the adjustments lined up for me, moved on out to 400 yards. started punching 1/4 groups back to back several times repeatily. i did glass bed the rifle action into the stock to make sure it is held v block bedding system. it shoots right there with higher end rifles. i trued the action on my model twelve savage. i lapped the locking lugs to a 100% lock up on the action. the gun shooys great and i have no problem at all with it. i did rewrok the accu trigger. it now breaks like a glass rod at 8oz. ttrigger pull means everything to me.
Reviewed by:  from kentucky. on 1/20/2017
5 Stars
Choate Tactical Custom Savage Stock
Turns a perfectly good rifle into an AWESOME rifle! So much easier to aim.
Reviewed by:  from Zanesville. on 10/29/2016
4 Stars
Well built heavy sturdy stock went togeather easly very pleased can't wait to finish build and get some trigger time in
Reviewed by:  from Nebraska. on 1/19/2016

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