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CCI 22 LR Quiet Ammunition ORMD
CCI Quiet-22 in a 50 Rnd Box

CCI 22 LR Quiet Ammunition ORMD

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CCI 22LR Quiet Ammunition - Box of 50

  First was the "CB Long with a 29 gr. bullet going 710 ft/sec. This Quiet-22 ammunition features a 40 gr. bullet going 710 ft/sec... A little more whack on the target with minimal noise and recoil. Why all the fuss about ammo that shoots slow?
  Subsonic 22 Ammo is preferred by many small game hunters. The slower velocity is believed to put more "Whack" on small game. It's also preferred by accuracy lovers because it doesn't lose any stability as it slows down (High velocity 22 ammo is known to flutter as it passes through the sound barrier).
Note: These cartridges may be used in Semi-Automatic firearms, however manual cycling of the action may be required.
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