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Butch's Bore Shine Gun Cleaning Solvent ORMD
Butch's Bore Shine Gun Cleaning Solvent

Butch's Bore Shine Gun Cleaning Solvent ORMD

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Butch's Bore Shine Copper Removing Solvent
It works without abrasives or harsh chemicals

We recommend Butch's Bore Shine to clean gun barrels for general rifle bore cleaning. It's an excellent light copper removing solvent that works without abrasives. Just moisten a patch and push it through your gun barrel with a tight fitting jag. It'll turn blue when there's copper fouling. Repeat this until new patches don't show blue anymore. Barrel Break-In Use - It's never too late to break-in a barrel... even guns that have had many rounds fired through them can benefit. We have an excellent Free Technical Report on how and why to break-in a gun barrel... Click Here to see it.
General Gun Barrel Cleaning - Butch's Bore Shine is proven and highly recommended by shooters of expensive match grade gun barrels. The reason is that it gets the copper out without damaging the barrel. There are no abrasives or harsh chemicals in Butch's formula.

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