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Black Dog Ruger 10/22 Magazine 25 Round Smoke
Black Dog 10/22 Magazine 25 Round Smoke

Black Dog Ruger 10/22 Magazine 25 Round Smoke

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  Black Dog Ruger 10/22 25 Round Magazines were designed by the same guy who came up with the original Butler Creek "Hot Lips" magazine concept. The Black Dog mags are a refinement on that design with the feed lips shaped nearly identical to the original factory 10/22 magazines. Reliable magazines for the Ruger 10/22.
  Here's the secret to the Black Dog 10/22 Magazine: Glass-Filled Polycarbonate! Hardness and stiffness play a key roll in the reliability of semi-automatic magazines. The Black Dog 10/22 Magazine body is 15% Glass-Filled Polycarbonate. And, the feed lips are Glass-Filled Capron. Just the right hardness and slickness for reliable feed.
  Beyond that, the Black Dog 10/22 Mags have side connectors that can snap together for "Jungle Clip" configuration. They're finished in a non-glare smoke color. See all of our magazines and other accessories at our Ruger 10/22 Home Page

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