This post comes with an exciting announcement of our Oryx Chassis Stock for the Savage Axis and new Oryx Chassis Stocks for the Savage Long Action and Remington Long Action!  We have a growing line of Oryx Chassis Stocks for Savage, Savage Axis, Remington and Ruger 10/22.  

Chassis stocks are advantageous to accuracy lovers because they are rock solid metal on metal connection between the rifle and the stock.  Compared to wood and plastic stocks, which are not as hard and stiff, chassis stocks are superior.  There is little potential for inaccuracy from flexing, warping, bending, crushing, etc.  Shooters who are looking for the best accuracy potential, should look no further than an chassis stock. 

Our Choate Tactical stocks approach the same idea as a chassis by supplying a full-length metal bedding block.