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Bench Bulls Bag 15.5 Black/Suede Shooting Rest
Bench Bulls Bag 15.5 Black/Suede Shooting Rest

Bench Bulls Bag 15.5 Black/Suede Shooting Rest

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Bulls Bag 15.5" Bench Model BLACK/Suede - Shooting well from a sand bag rest is not as easy as it is cracked up to be. There's always an element of shooter induced tension as you pull or push to get the crosshairs on the bullseye. You don't realize it until you shoot and the recoil moves your hold in whatever direction you were applying tension. The Bulls Bag solves this dilemma.

Here's How It Works: Four tubes filled with sand, connected in the middle lengthwise. You cradle your rifle or single shot handgun between the top two tubes and then spread the bottom two tubes. This squeezes the top two bags against your gun. The benefit of this is that it transfers the weight of the Bulls Bag to your gun and gives it the same mass advantage as a heavy Bench gun. Recoil is deadened. Your hold is steadied. You shoot tighter groups. (Note: Bulls Bags are Shipped without sand for shipping economy. New! Quick-Fill system makes filling the bulls bag easy.)
We have Bulls Bag Rests in several sizes and colors at Bulls Bag Home.

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