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Barnes Triple-Shock X (TSX) Bullets (50)
Barnes Triple-Shock X (TSX) Bullets (50)

Barnes Triple-Shock X (TSX) Bullets (50)

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Barnes Triple-Shock X Bullets Deliver Big Time with APE for Hunting! "APE" is an acronym for Accuracy, Penetration, and Energy. The first criteria for a hunting bullet is that it be Accurate. It's effectiveness increases exponentially with your ability to place your shots precisely on game. The second criteria is total Penetration. A bullet that penetrates completely has damaged every vital organ it was aimed at and was not stopped short of doing it's job by bones, cartilage, thick skin, or disintegration. The third criteria for a hunting bullet is what it does with Energy. Its the Energy that upsets the bullet and causes it to expand or disintegrate, cause extensive tissue shock, or just punch holes.
Barnes TSX Bullets deliver on all of that with a Capital A-P-E! - This level of performance makes TSX bullets act bigger than they are... For example, a 30-06 hunter can drop down from a 180 gr conventional bullet to a 165 gr Barnes TSX.
Barnes Triple-Shock X Bullets (TSX) were introduced in 2003 and have gained worldwide recognition as one of the deadliest, most dependable bullets. Try these all copper bullets and see the added benefits of lower fouling, better accuracy, greater velocity, lower pressure... And Plenty of A-P-E!

*Flat Rate Bullets Only Shipping Terms: A USPS promotional FLAT CHARGE of $10 per shipment for bullets only orders. Maximum 15 lbs mix and match per shipment. Out-of-stock and partially out-of-stock orders will be back-ordered, held, and shipped all together in one shipment as soon as we are re-stocked. (Split Ship of partial back orders is available at $10/shipment). Bullets Only - No loaded ammo or other items - More Info at our Flat Rate Bullets Page.At checkout  choose "Flat Rate Bullet only Shipping"

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