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Barnes Reloading Manual #4
Barnes Reloading Manual #4

Barnes Reloading Manual #4

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Part Number:315-30745

Barnes Bullets Reloading Manual #4

More than 200,000 rounds were fired in testing the loads contained in this manual. Extensive loading data provided covers the full range of Barnes Triple-Shock™ X Bullets® (TSX™) hunting bullets now available. Loading data is also offered for the new Barnes Banded Solids™ for dangerous big game, as well as for the extremely popular Varmint Grenade™—a highly frangible varmint bullet developed from military technology.

The new manual features loading data for many recently introduced cartridges, including Winchester’s Short and Super-Short Magnums, .338 Federal and the .375 Ruger. It also contains data for bigbore dangerous game cartridges like the .470 and .500 Nitro Express, .505 Gibbs and .577 Nitro. Extreme-range accuracy loads for Barnes’ .50 BMG bullets are listed for Very High Power shooters.

New load data is also offered for Barnes’ greatly expanded selection of XPB™ pistol bullets, including those designed for .460 and .500 S&W revolvers. Recommended loads for Barnes’ Expander MZ™, as well as the long-range Spit-Fire MZ™ and TMZ™ muzzleloader bullets appear in a special section.

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