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Bargain Bulls Bag Shooting Rest 10
Bargain Bulls Bag Shooting Rest 10" Black/Gold

Bargain Bulls Bag Shooting Rest 10" Black/Gold

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  This is the Field Sized 10" Bargain Bulls Bag, black with gold trim. The patented original Uncle Buds "butterfly" design features an exclusive no-slip, rubberized rest material that holds guns firmly in place without damaging finishes. The "Squeeze-Rest" action of a Bulls Bag actually transfers the bag weight to your firearm... Guns hold still during aiming and firing... Enhancing accuracy and reducing recoil!
  Bargain Bulls Bags are shipped UNFILLED... Large, oversized fill spouts accept many types of fill material. We recommend clean sand because it is heavy and gives the full Bulls Bag advantage of weight-to-gun transfer. But, you can fill your Bulls Bag with lighter material like rice, bird seed, millet, etc... To make it easier to carry in the field.
  All Bargain Bulls Bags are made to the same standards of quality and design of the original Uncle Buds Bulls Bags... These are not copy-cats or clones. See all of our Bulls Bag Shooting rests on our website at our Bulls Bags Home Page.

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