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BF Classic Hunting Pistol 15
BF Classic Hunting Pistol 15" 6.5mmBRM

BF Classic Hunting Pistol 15" 6.5mm BRM-Right Hand

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BF Classic Hunting Pistol 15" 6.5mm BRM
The 6.5mm BRM BF Classic Hunting Pistol is a single shot, falling block design. It features a 15" barrel and 3-Ring KeyLock Magnum scope mount as pictured above (scope not included). It comes with a right handed target grip with finger grooves but if you're left handed, we can swap in our left handed target grip with finger grooves or an ambidextrous grip with no finger grooves for an additional $50 (Call 1-800-950-9088)

Features At-A-Glance:
-Inherent Accuracy... Design, Construction, Match Grade Barrel.
-Points and Aims Naturally... True handgun size and weight.
-Moderate Recoil... Guns that kick hard are harder to shoot well.

Accuracy and Shootability are FUN - When you were a kid, remember how good a shot you became just by having fun plinking with your BB gun? The BF Classic Hunting Pistol gives the same kind of fun factor... And by the time hunting season rolls around, you are one deadly accurate, shot placing Handgun Hunter!

If you'd like to read more about the BF Pistol and its original development as a world champion handgun silhouette handgun, please visit our BF/97D Home Page.

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