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Amax ELD 6.5mm Seating Stem
Amax VLD 6.5mm Seating Stem

Amax ELD 6.5mm Seating Stem

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Hornady 6.5mm ELD Seating Stem for 6.5mm BRM Seating Die
  High BC, Very Low Drag (VLD) 6.5mm bullets are sometimes long enough to bottom out in a standard cavity seating stem. And the result can affect the alignment or run-out of your ammunition. Our new Custom Amax/ELD 6.5mm Seating Stem replaces the standard seating stem in Hornady 6.5mm In-Line seating dies (The reloading dies for our 6.5mm BRM cartridge include a Hornady In-Line seating die).
  So, if you plan to load any 6.5mm Amax 140, 6.5mm Berger VLD or ELD 140 or other VLD type 6.5mm bullets, we highly recommend ordering this custom Amax and ELD Seating Stem for your Hornady Seating Die.
  Learn More at our 6.5mm BRM Home Page.

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