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Air Gun Scopes

Today's sophisticated shooter wants every bit as much aiming advantage on his airgun or 22 rimfire, as he has on his centerfire rifle. But there are special circumstances for a riflescope that's used at the short distances of airguns and rimfires.
Parallax Error
- This is the aiming error that occurs when your eye position changes from shot to shot. Centerfire scopes usually have the parallax adjusted to be error free at 100 yards. Since airguns are usually fired at 50 yards or much less, parallax error can be a serious detriment to accuracy. A scope that is "Parallax Adjustable" or "Side Focus" or has an "Adjustable Objective"... These scopes can dial out parallax error, BUT... They're only useful for airgun and rimfire distances if they can dial out parallax down to 10yds or less. Hawke has special airgun scopes that can do that.
Getting By Without Parallax Adjustment - Parallax error can be minimized by consistent eye position. A cheek rest can help you develop a consistent eye position from shot to shot and improve the utility of a non-parallax adjustable scope for airgun or rimfire use.
Magnum Spring Piston Recoil
- If you're shooting a "Spring Piston" airgun, there's a harmful component to the recoil that can damage scopes that aren't specially designed to withstand it. Rimfire and "Pre-Charged Pneumatic" airguns do not have this type of recoil and can be used with any scope. (All Hawke scopes will withstand both magnum spring piston and magnum centerfire rifle recoil.)

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