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Aguila Interceptor 40 gr. 22 LR Ammo (50)
Aguila Interceptor 22 Ammo - Hyper Velocity Boxes or Bricks

Aguila Interceptor 40 gr. 22 LR Ammo (50)

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Aguila Interceptor 22 LR Ammunition 

1470 fps with a 40 grain bullet. Normal High Velocity 22LR ammo goes about 1250 fps with a 40 gr bullet. Usually the faster ammo uses a lighter bullet to do it: (For example, the hyper velocity CCI Stinger uses a 32 gr bullet and goes 1640 fps.) So, the Aguila Interceptor delivers the hard impact of the heavier 40 grain bullet at a velocity almost as high as Stinger... This could be the combination of knock down and trajectory the suits your rifle perfectly... Order a box and see how it works in your rifle!

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