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Accu-Shot Quick-Knob Locking Monopod (Swivel Stud Mounted)
Accu-Shot Monopod BT04-QK

Accu-Shot Quick-Knob Locking Monopod (Swivel Stud Mounted)

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Accu-Shot Quick-Knob Locking Monopod
The original patented Accu-Shot Monopod is the sandbag for the 21st century offering you the stability and support you need.  Mounts to your buttstock swivel stud and gives the rear of your rifle a steady, precision adjustable rest when shooting from a bipod or sandbag front rest. It adjusts up and down and then holds dead steady so that you can aim exactly on target. Folds out of the way when not in use. These gun butt mounted monopods adjust from approx. 3.5" to 4.65", and offer two wheel jam nuts to lock in place. 
  Quick Knob "QK" Feature - The Quick Knob allows you to disengage the threads and quickly slide up and down for rough positioning, then re-engage the threads for fine positioning (Quick Knob is shown in the photo above with it's push button visible on the side). 

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