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AR15 Lower Completion Parts Kit
AR15 Lower Completion Parts Kit

AR15 Lower Completion Parts Kit

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AR-15 Lower Completion Parts Kit
Solid Quality, Economically Priced, Everything You Need!

Assemble these parts into an AR15 lower receiver and that receiver will be complete... All you will need to build the rest of your AR-15 is a stock, a barreled upper, and a magazine.

  1. Front Pivot Pin
  2. Takedown Detent
  3. Rear Takedown Pin (2)
  4. Detent Takedown Spring (2)
  5. Mag Catch
  6. Mag Catch Button
  7. Mag Catch Spring
  8. 1/4-28 x 1" SHCS
  9. Washer
  10. Trigger Spring
  11. Hammer Spring
  12. Disconnector Spring
  13. Bolt Catch Plunger
  14. Bolt Catch Spring
  15. Bolt Catch Spring Pin
  16. Bolt Catch
  17. Hammer & Trigger Pin (2)
  18. Trigger Guard Pivot Spring Pin
  19. Selector Detent
  20. Selector Spring
  21. Buffer Detent
  22. Buffer Retainer Spring
  23. Disconnector
  24. Safety Selector
  25. Trigger Guard
  26. Trigger
  27. Hammer
  28. Pistol Grip

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